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The Ultimate Guide to FORS Gold

Setting the gold standard for FORS Transport services

As a leading transport specialist in London, Essex and the South East, Hammond Transport is proud to be setting the gold standard for logistics and transport solutions in the UK. This is highlighted by the fact that we hold the highest grading available on the FORS accreditation scheme – FORS Gold.

But what does FORS Gold actually mean and how does it benefit our clients?

In this blog post we’ll be discussing everything there is to know, providing you with the ultimate guide to FORS Gold.

What is the FORS Accreditation?

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (or FORS for short) is a national accreditation scheme specifically designed to shine the spotlight on businesses in the transport or logistics sector who are leading the way in multiple disciplines associated with their operations.

FORS was launched in 2008 by Transport for London as a quality management system with the aim of enhancing the standards within fleet operations across the board, benchmarking companies against certain criteria. The FORS accreditation scheme is distinguished by three different levels of accreditation, Bronze, Silver and Gold, and a business is awarded a level based on how successfully they meet specific FORS requirements.

Who requires the FORS Accreditation?

Although the FORS scheme is voluntary, many large scale infrastructure projects require suppliers and partners to obtain the accreditation before being included within the supply chain. As a result, FORS continues to enhance standards and quality levels.

Many sectors recognise the FORS accreditation scheme as a mark of distinction, including construction, fleet operations, waste management, rail, infrastructure, wholesale and retail.

What are the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme requirements?

The FORS scheme takes into account various aspects of fleet transport including environmental factors (fuel efficiency and emissions), safety considerations and general operations. This combination of elements sets the standard for businesses within the plant, transport and fleet sectors and provides a benchmark for these businesses to aspire to.

Companies are assessed via specially designed audits which include risk assessments and reviews of policies and procedures. This demonstrates compliance against certain benchmarks, providing an overall score which translates into FORS Bronze, FORS Silver or FORS Gold status. Those who achieve FORS Gold status, such as Hammond Transport, demonstrate the highest standards of compliance.

In order to achieve the higher grades of Silver and Gold, a company has to maintain and improve its Bronze accreditation. Additionally, to achieve Silver and Gold, attendance at a professional training course is required for Managers and Drivers.

Why choose a FORS Transport specialist?

Working with a FORS accredited specialist provides many benefits, including peace of mind that a supplier is working to high standards. The FORS accreditation scheme showcases that a company has consistently met rigorous standards and is performing over and above the legal minimum requirements.

As the highest level on the FORS accreditation scheme, FORS Gold logo indicates that a business delivers high standards at all times.

Hammond Transport is proud to be a holder of the prestigious FORS Gold status, emphasising our commitment to delivering the highest standards of service. As a result, our clients are rest assured that they are working with a transport specialist who is dedicated to delivering the excellent health and safety standards, enhanced efficiencies and outstanding customer services at all times.

At Hammond Transport, all of our fleet meet FORS Gold vehicle requirements. This means that the highest specification safety and compliance features are fitted within the vehicles themselves. Additionally, our clients benefit from a highly skilled, experienced and qualified team which have received training in line with FORS Gold standards.

Find out more about Hammond Transport’s FORS Gold accreditation by contacting us today.

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