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How haulage and transport companies in London are tackling the Christmas rush

As we all know, the haulage and transportation sectors are one of the most vital services provided throughout the festive season.

The festive period will always be peak season for consumer shopping and as a result, many more goods and consignments need transporting from one end of the country to the other. From ensuring there is enough food stocking the supermarket shelves, to helping get online orders delivered at the right time, haulage companies London and across the country find that the run up to Christmas tends to be the busiest time of the year. However, Christmas 2021 seems to be even busier than normal thanks to many factors including Covid-19, staff shortages and Brexit.

Ensuring that business operations are extra efficient can enable haulage and transport companies to meet this demand and cope with the many challenges which arise at this time of the year, and it is important that these efficiencies are implemented in advance. Ultimately, being prepared is a key component for haulage and transport companies over Christmas.

How can technology improve efficiency?

Thanks to advancements in technology, there are a wide range of efficiencies which can be put in place by haulage and transport companies in London and across the rest of the UK. These innovations include route planning software, which can provide real time updates of the progress of consignments whilst enabling operators to plan the most efficient route for drop offs. For example, Hammond Transport utilises its fleet of modern vehicles throughout the festive season which are fully equipped with the latest technology which not only provides heightened efficiencies, but also improved health and safety features.

What else should hauliers be mindful of over the festive period?

As mentioned above, the last couple of years has brought a number of challenges to the industry. As a result, hauliers and logistics companies have had to adapt and change their ways of working in order to find solutions.

It’s imperative that employers bear in mind the wellbeing of their drivers, and find ways for them to work smarter, not harder. One example could be the introduction of more efficient processes during the working day. Again, technology can play a role in this through the use of tracking and electronic proof of delivery – helping to speed up the delivery process.

Ultimately, implementing technology, innovation and new processes can be an effective way of ensuring the festive challenges are managed throughout Christmas.

As one of the leading haulage and transport companies in London, Hammond Transport has almost three quarters of a century experience dealing with the challenges that the transport and logistics sector can bring, and as a result we have evolved the business over the years to take these in our stride. We support our customers with ad-hoc just in time / fast freight / time-critical movements to keep their production lines moving.

From our highly modern fleet to the latest technology, we are poised to tackle whatever Christmas brings!

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