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Hammond Transport Expands Fleet With State Of The Art Forklift

As one of the leading specialists in logistics, transportation services and warehouse storage in London and Essex, Hammond Transport is always looking at ways to enhance our services and ensure we are always one step ahead of the curve.

Whether it’s investing in the latest technology or providing the highest standards of training for our dedicated team, we are committed to leading the way in the transport and logistics sector. We have recently uprated our new forklift truck to 3,500kg, further highlighting our extensive capabilities and allowing us to provide clients with a service which sets the standard in the industry.

The new forklift is a Toyota 35 Toneto, and it joins another five forklifts at Hammond Transport which lift 2,500.

What benefits does this new forklift bring to our clients?

By investing in this new forklift, we are able to provide enhanced solutions and services as part of our warehouse and storage operations.

The forklift allows for greater storage solutions as we can manoeuvre larger consignments easier and more efficiently with the bonus of racked storage, outside storage, on trailer storage and container storage.All of this is offered in our high security, CCTV depot, providing our clients with peace of mind their goods will be always stored safely and securely.

What can this forklift be used for?

The Toyota 35 Toneto is a very versatile and reliable machine, meaning that it can be used for a wide variety of requirements and suits many different needs. From light lifting through to heavy consignments, the machine can adapt to support almost any weight.

With a maximum lift height of 7000mm and a top speed of 19.5km/h, the Toyota 35 Toneto can be easily manoeuvred, making it ideal for warehouse and storage facilities.

Primarily used outside, it can handle medium to heavy duty operations, meaning we can utilise it for a wide variety of different client needs.

Leaders in the logistics, transport and storage sectors

For decades, Hammond Transport has led the way within the industry, always striving to stay one step ahead through innovative investments and ground breaking solutions.

From expansive staff training and outstanding customer service, through to our attention to detail and technical capabilities, we are proud to offer a full circle solution to our clients – the addition of the Toyota 35 Toneto fork is another string to our bow.

Terry Hammond commented: “The addition of this new forklift is yet another way that Hammond Transport is strengthening our offering within the logistics, transport, and storage sectors. Given the current economic climate, ensuring the success of our business and our clients’ businesses is of paramount importance. Therefore, by expanding our vehicle and forklift solutions, we hope to deliver an even more robust package of services.”

He continues, “Since we were founded back in 1948, we have strived to deliver excellence in all that we do. This has included expanding and enhancing our fleet over the years with the very best innovations and technology. This commitment continues to this day, and we are proud to offer solutions which position us head and shoulders above our competitors.”

Complementing our wider services

The addition of the Toyota 35 Toneto complements our wider service offering, bringing together yet more efficiencies and enhancing our end-to-end service offering.

By providing solutions across multiple different operations, we can take our clients on a full journey from A-Z, removing the requirement for the use of multiple different specialist companies. Ultimately, all the required services can be found under one roof and through the latest innovations and investments, we can ensure these are of the highest quality at all times.


Why do clients choose Hammond Transport?

Hammond Transport provides a full circle solution within the transport, logistics and warehouse sectors. From secure storage through to trusted, efficient delivery and distribution, we are renowned for our customer service and exceptional reputation.

Our clients are spread across all sectors and industries and are based all over the UK. Hammond Transport is FORS Gold accredited, meaning that our clients always know their consignment is in safe hands from the moment it arrives with us.

Backed by over seven decades of experience, it’s no surprise that our clients return to us time and time again.

Our team of highly qualified experts are on hand to support our clients at every stage. If you’re interested in discussing your requirements speak to one of our team members today and we’d be happy to create a bespoke solution to suit your own business needs.

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