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Hammond Transport Celebrates National Lorry Week

As a leader in the dedicated transport services industry, we’re passionate about what we do. For over 75 years we’ve worked collaboratively with clients across a range of sectors to deliver solutions whatever their requirements, and this National Lorry Week (25 – 30 October), we’re celebrating everything the industry has achieved, particularly after a challenging few years.

Each year the Road Haulage Association (RHA) holds the weeklong event to raise awareness of the industry, the varied careers available in the sector and highlight the hard work and dedication of its people. As such an important part of the UK’s economy, lorry transport and logistics are often overlooked, however if recent months are anything to go by, the importance of the sector in the UK’s recovery after the pandemic is clearer than ever.

Why celebrate our industry?

Ask anyone in the industry and they’ll probably agree that there has been a number of bumps in the road recently. Starting with the vote to the leave the EU, through the pandemic and cumulating in staff shortages and the ‘fuel crisis’, we’ve seen our fair share of unusual circumstances.

Yet, within all this it has become abundantly clear how integral dedicated transport services are to the day-to-day running of the country and supply chains across the globe. From the delivery of vital medicines, equipment and drugs to the NHS, though to ensuring people are able to do their weekly food shop, our industry plays a pivotal role in ensuring that life runs smoothly. We may be behind the scenes most of the time, but in recent months the spotlight has been shone on everything we do as an industry.

Secretary of State for Transport, Grant Shapps, summed up the importance of the logistics sector throughout the COVID-19 pandemic when he said “Ever since the start of the pandemic, road haulage has been the lifeblood of our economy. Everyone at some point has a relied on a HGV hero this year.”

This is why, this National Lorry Week, we’re celebrating all things transport and logistics.

Rewarding career

As the industry evolves and develops after Brexit and the pandemic, there has been a sharp focus on careers within the sector and how to attract people into the industry. Working with the transport, haulage and logistics sector can offer a very rewarding career path. After all, there is more to the job than driving from A-B, and it comes with many responsibilities.

People are becoming more aware of the important work that is involved with a career within our industry and are placing higher value on this career path. This, combined with increased salary expectations means that the transport sector is becoming a much more attractive career choice for the next generation. From drivers and managers through to mechanics and technicians, roles in the sectors are varied and offer plentiful opportunities for young people or anyone looking for a new challenge.

At Hammond Transport, we are incredibly passionate about our job and the important role that dedicated transport solutions play in everyday life. With decades of experience under our belt we love everything about our sector, from the vehicles through to the solutions we develop for challenging situations. At the end of the day, we play a vital role in the supply chain, helping everyone from large corporations through to families going about their daily lives. Without us and other businesses, life would quite literally grind to a halt.

So this National Lorry Day we’re giving ourselves and everyone in the industry a huge pat on the back!

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