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A Dive into Hammond Transport’s Fleet of Moffett Fork Lifts and Their Versatile Applications

In the ever-evolving world of logistics and material handling, the Moffett fork lift stands out as a symbol of efficiency and adaptability.

At Hammond Transport, we take pride in our Moffett fleet, offering a variety of combinations tailored to meet your unique needs.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the diverse types of Moffett forklifts that are available here at Hammond Transport, exploring their features and applications that make them indispensable in the world of transportation.

Urban 10.5M Curtains

One of the outstanding options in our Moffett fleet is the Urban 10.5M Curtains model. This specialised forklift is designed to navigate urban environments with precision, ensuring efficient collection and delivery experiences. The 10.5-meter curtains provide versatility in accessing loading docks and confined spaces, making it ideal for urban logistics where manoeuvrability is paramount.

The inclusion of a Moffett in this setup amplifies the safety and efficiency of the entire process. These road-legal Moffetts are equipped to lift up to 2.5 tonnes, depending on the specific size. Whether you’re dealing with small-scale deliveries or larger cargo, the Urban 10.5M Curtains Moffett is a reliable companion for seamless material handling.

13.6M Curtains

For cargo that requires a bit more space, our Moffett fleet boasts the 13.6M Curtains model. This forklift is a powerhouse designed to handle larger loads while maintaining the flexibility needed for urban environments. The extended length of 13.6 metres ensures that you can efficiently load and unload goods on a larger scale, catering to the demands of diverse industries.

With the Moffett seamlessly integrated into the design, this forklift brings the same level of safety and efficiency as its urban counterpart. The road-legal Moffett, with its 2.5-tonne lifting capacity, is equipped to handle the challenges of heavier loads while maintaining the versatility required for urban logistics.

Urban 10.5M Flatbeds

When a flatbed configuration is the optimal choice for your transportation needs, Hammond Transport has you covered with the Urban 10.5M Flatbeds Moffett.

This model combines the advantages of a flatbed design with the precision and efficiency of a Moffett forklift. The 10.5-meter length ensures manoeuvrability in urban settings, while the flatbed provides a stable platform for loading and unloading various types of cargo.

The Moffett accompanying the flatbed is road legal, ensuring compliance with transportation regulations. Its lifting capacity of up to 2.5 tonnes, along with extendable forks, allows for the retrieval of pallets from various distances. The Urban 10.5M Flatbeds Moffett is a versatile solution for businesses that require both stability and adaptability in their material handling operations.

 Moffett Features: Road Legal, 2.5T Lifting Capacity, Extendable Forks

Across all the Moffett models in our fleet, certain features remain consistent, showcasing the reliability and versatility of these forklifts. First and foremost, our Moffetts are road legal, meeting the necessary regulatory standards for safe and compliant transportation.

The impressive 2.5-tonne lifting capacity, dependent on the specific model and size, ensures that Moffett forklifts can handle a wide range of loads. This capability makes them suitable for various industries, from construction and manufacturing to retail and events.

The inclusion of extendable forks is a game-changer when it comes to Moffett forklifts. This feature allows the forklift to reach pallets that are positioned farther away, offering increased flexibility in material handling.

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