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The importance of the FORS Silver accreditation

Since 1948, Hammond Transport has been delivering excellence through our outstanding logistics, haulage and transport solutions. For three generations, we have upheld these values, and our involvement in the FORS accreditation scheme highlights this commitment to customer service.

As a three tier accreditation scheme, the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (or FORS for short), provides a comprehensive grading system which allows clients and customers to make informed decisions about their logistics needs. Organisations can achieve FORS Gold, FORS Silver and FORS Bronze, and each grade is awarded based on specific criteria. As one of the leading transport specialists in London, Essex and the South East, Hammond Transport had previously held FORS Silver vehicle requirements, however today we are proud to say we uphold the highest grade possible - FORS Gold.

What does the FORS Silver accreditation mean?

In order to achieve different levels of the FORS scheme, a business has to uphold, maintain and enhance the previous grade they were awarded - to be awarded FORS Silver, an organisation has to meet the requirements of FORS Bronze, and to reach the highest grade available (FORS Gold), FORS Silver has to be achieved and approved upon.

Any FORS accreditation highlights that a haulage, transport or logistics company goes above and beyond for its clients and achieves higher standards than the legal minimum across environmental practices, health and safety and other business operation activities. FORS Silver transport services are of exceptional quality and uphold rigorous standards of safety, providing customers with complete peace of mind.

Not only do the standards have to be maintained, to be awarded with FORS Silver or FORS Gold, drivers and managers need to go through a professional training course which covers a number of aspects including the highest level of compliance and safety.

What criteria does FORS Silver cover?

Logistics and transportation specialists which hold the FORS Silver accreditation have to meet a wide range of different criteria and requirements, including meeting standards associated with environmental factors (fuel efficiency and emissions) and health and safety. In fact, the majority of fleet operators aim to achieve FORS Silver accreditation for all of their vehicles.

In order to be awarded FORS Silver, a business is audited against the key standards which featured in the Bronze award, however they have to prove that they have enhanced and maintained these standards.

The FORS Silver accreditation is designed to be in depth, ensuring compliance across all levels. Additional training is also required for employees, for example enhanced health and safety training which is recognised by the FORS scheme. Plus, an organisation needs to highlight how it is minimising its impact on the environment.

The combination of achieving these various levels of compliance across the board supports an organisation’s prospects whilst providing reassurance to the supply chain that a business goes above and beyond the standard legal requirements.

As a FORS Gold accredited business, Hammond Transport offers the highest quality customer service and tailored solutions to meet a variety of different objectives. Speak to our experts today to discuss how our services could support you.

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