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As a business, we are proud of our commitment to ensuring the highest standards at all times. Not only are we FORS Gold accredited, but we are also CLOCS (Construction Logistics and Community Safety) compliant, meaning that we always adhere to best practices and specific codes of conducts across the construction and logistics sectors.

What is CLOCS compliant?

CLOCS is a national industry standard which fosters collaboration between clients, principle contractors and vehicle operators in order to ensure the highest standards of health and safety on construction sites and on the road. This is particularly important when vehicles are accessing construction sites in order to prevent potentially serious health and safety hazards from occurring. Ultimately the standard provides protection beyond the legal requirements for those working on site as well as vehicle operators, members of the public and other road users.

The CLOCS standard goes over and above the legal requirement for operations within the construction and the logistics sector, meaning that any business or organisation which holds it is operating at the highest possible standard at all times. It means that both the construction industry and the logistics industry takes responsibility and ownership for ensuring that they adhere to the highest standards across the supply chain whilst providing a clear framework for everyone to follow.

The CLOCS scheme was developed by Transport for London (TfL) in 2013 as a direct response to some shocking statistics which highlighted that 35% of pedestrian and cyclist fatalities from HGV vehicles were caused by construction vehicles. This shocking research indicated that something needed to be done to change the status quo, and the CLOCS scheme was designed to help combat this issue. Since then, CLOCS standard for logistics has helped reduce this figure and help keep road users safe.

How does FORS Gold and CLOCS compliance work together?

FORS Gold and CLOCS compliance work in tandem together providing a full circle accreditation for businesses which work within the construction and logistics sectors. If an organisation already holds the FORS Silver accreditation, the process to achieve this means that they will already also be CLOCS compliant too.

Providing a benchmark for safety, FORS Gold and CLOCS set the gold standard for safety on the roads. Fleet and logistics operators show adherence to CLOCS through the FORS Gold scheme, whilst construction businesses implement CLOCS through procurement processes and planning conditions.

When the two accreditations work together, they set the gold standard for safety for all road users, including vehicle operators, pedestrians and cyclists.

To find out more about Hammond Transport’s FORS Gold accreditation, click here.

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