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The benefits of using a haulage company

From retail to construction and everything in between, there are a vast array of different businesses and sectors which use haulage companies in London and across the country every single day.

The haulage, transport and logistics sector is a vital part of the UK’s economy, contributing over £120 billion Gross Value Added to the UK economy which is around 10% of the country’s non-financial business economy. As a result, it’s clear to see the important role haulage, logistics and transport businesses play in keeping the UK economy buoyant.

It is believed that there are over 200,000 logistics businesses* right here in the UK – all of them serving clients across the country and beyond and ensuring that important goods and services keep moving. The recent Covid-19 pandemic only highlighted the importance of the sector further as more and more people turned to online shopping (spiking to 28% in 2020 up from 19% the previous year*).

So, why are so many businesses reliant on the transport sector, and what are the benefits of using a specialist haulage company?

In Hammond Transport’s latest blog post, we’ll be exploring the haulage sector and providing you with basic knowledge on the benefits of working with a specialist company such as ourselves.


By choosing to work with an outside haulage company, you are opting to work with a trusted partner who likely has years of experience moving goods and consignments around the country and the continent. In fact, Hammond Transport has three quarters of a century in delivering outstanding service, although the transport sector has changed a lot since we were established back in 1948!

As a result of this experience, you can be rest assured that your chosen haulage partner has the experience to deal with all kinds of different projects and requirements, and will ultimately

provide a solution to suit your unique needs.

Specialist equipment, vehicles and technology

A specialist haulage company will have the ability to turn their hand to almost any consignment as they will have heavily invested in the latest equipment, vehicles, and technology. For example, at Hammond Transport we can boast of high specification vehicles and equipment with our varied fleet of rigid and artics with diverse trailer combinations as well as specialist vehicles such as Moffetts, slide-roofs and tail lifts.

Highly qualified team

Ensuring you have the right people for the job should always be paramount, especially if you have a complicated or challenging consignment. When you work with a haulage expert you will have the benefit of a team of professional highly qualified personnel who will look after your consignment from start to finish.

High standards

When selecting an outside haulage partner, it’s always recommended that you do your research and select a company which will meet your needs. Many haulage and logistics companies will hold a FORS accreditation (Bronze), there are a few who have FORS (Silver and Gold) this provides a guarantee that the business meets and exceeds certain standards and regulations.

There are also several other accreditations to look out for including CLOCS, WRRR and SUD accreditations to help provide peace of mind.

Other recognised requirements for large construction projects where stringent requirements are paramount are HS2, Crossrail and Tideway.

You will also need to know that your consignment will be delivered on a vehicle that meets all requirements to deliver to London, all HGV vehicles now have to be Euro 6 ULEZ and have a DVS accreditation.

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