We have storage available in our secure warehouse fully racked with monitored CCTV, easy in / out terms. Container devanning and loading. We are FORS Silver and Gold accredited and HS2 certified.

Outstanding, accredited solutions – delivering excellence every time through our consolidation hub

For over seven decades, Hammond Transport has been leading the way in the logistics and transportation sector thanks to our commitment to only offering the highest standards of customer care and outstanding attention to detail.

As a business, we are passionate about delivering excellence every time, and we’re the proud owners of FORS gold and FORS Silver accreditations – highlighting our entire team’s commitment and dedication.

Working across a multitude of different sectors and industries means that we have fine-tuned our services to meet different business’ exacting standards, and we work hard to ensure that all our operations and processes are as seamless as possible. From investing in the latest technology and high-end vehicles to an in depth understanding of our clients’ requirements, it’s no surprise that we’ve developed a reputation for being leaders in our field.

In this blog post, we’ll be talking you through our FORS consolidation hub and the processes which go into ensuring this service always provide excellence to our customers.

What is a consolidation hub?

A facility where smaller shipments are combined with larger ones before being transported is known as a consolidation hub. These facilities are commonplace throughout the logistics sector as they can help to improve efficiency and create a smoother transportation process for smaller consignments, whilst helping to reduce transportation costs.

Consolidation hubs often have large warehouses and storage buildings where goods and materials can be kept before being prepared for transportation. They are usually located at strategic points around the country, close to motorways or other road networks which makes the facility easily accessible.

Using a consolidation hub can provide many benefits for customers and suppliers as it can provide better value for money, whilst helping to speed up the delivery process. Plus, consolidation hubs can help reduce the number of lorries and trucks on the road, meaning that they can have a positive effect on the environment by helping to reduce the carbon footprint of the logistics sector.

Demand for consolidation hubs continues to increase as customer demand grows and supply chains require more cost-effective, efficient options combined with quicker turnaround times.

Hammond Transport’s gold standard consolidation hub solutions

As holders of the FORS gold and silver accreditations, our customers always benefit from outstanding services, including from our consolidation hub.

No matter your consignment needs, from one pallet to a full load, and even a one off project which needs to get to its destination on time, our specialist team is on hand to meet your specific requirements.

Our high-quality facility is located just off J29, M25, means that we are near to Thames Gateway, Purfleet, Harwich and Felixstowe for all deep-sea requirements, we have facilities to devan and load all shipping containers with freight, vehicles and machinery.

We also have a new forklift which can lift 3500kg joining 5 others in the fleet.

always primed to exceed our customers’ transportation requirements. our state of the art vehicles include 12t, 18t, 26t and 44t artics. We also offer specialist vehicles including moffetts and specialist tail lifts.

How does it work?

Our simple process provides a number of different options to suit varying needs.

  1. Drop off at our hub:

Deliver your goods to us, before we load them on to one of our accredited fleets which is then delivered by one of our highly qualified and experienced drivers.

  1. Collect from your premises:

One of our friendly and experienced team members will collect your goods from your premises, before safely delivering them to their final destination, direct to the site.

  1. Your trailer:

We take over the trailer and deliver it with our approved tractor unit. The trailer will have a Bluetooth camera and state of the art kit installed on it to make it compatible with the required accreditation.

  1. Storage:

We have 60,000 sq ft of secure storage at our depot, which has full monitored CCTV including racked pallet storage, oversize cargo facilities in warehouses, outside storage and on-trailer storage facilities.

Find out more about our consolidation hub by speaking to one of our expert team members today.

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