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How To Get Your Planning And Logistics Right For Summer Events

With the heat of summer well and truly upon us, keeping events, festivals, exhibitions, and shows on the road requires a blend of logistical details, reliable suppliers, and time critical transport between sites.

Here at Hammond Transport, not only do we offer vehicles for lorry transportation between sites, but we also offer a range of supporting services which make us a leading distributions partner for companies, organisations, and suppliers across every sector.

With that said, what does it take to make an event stand out for all the right reasons?

4 Tips for Creating a Standout Event in 2022

This year has seen an overwhelming return to live events, festivals, concerts, fairs, and so much more. From high consumer interest to supplier demand, running a standout event is more important than ever – and we are seeing brands and organisations channelling their all into creating great events to mark their post-pandemic comeback.

Having worked with some of the biggest names in the events world so far this year, here’s our take on the 4 tips for creating a successful event.

  1. You can never have too much navigational infrastructure

When it comes to event set-up, the more you have to manage the flow and navigation of visitors the easier your event is to control. That means barriers, signage, and implementing the correct staff level at each stage of the visitor experience.

  1. Atmosphere is everything

You might think that a few props will help to curate the vibe you are looking for, but lighting and furnishings are just as important for setting the right mood and atmosphere.

  1. Everything takes longer than you think to set up

Timing is everything when it comes to the set-up of an event, and as such time critical delivery and transportation of goods is crucial to maximising the time you have to getting everything sorted. Our team offer an end-to-end service which includes time critical support and real-time updates on the status of every delivery.

  1. Plan the deliver lorry routes in advance

From largescale festivals to smaller community events, if you’re expecting a delivery from an artic lorry then make sure you know exactly where that lorry needs to go – and establish if there is enough space to unload and turn it around.

Bring your event to life

2022 is the year that UK events return, and here at Hammond Transport we offer a range of services which make us so much more than just a lorry hire company. As your logistical partner, we will ensure that you have what you need, where and when you need it – keeping you in the loop and well informed every step of the way.

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