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High Security Side-Door Box Trailers: A Trustworthy Solution by Hammond Transport

When it comes to ensuring the safe and secure transportation of goods, there’s no room for compromise.

At Hammond Transport, we understand the importance of reliability and security in the logistics industry. And our FORS Gold accreditation sets the standard across our business, meaning that our customers benefit from the best possible services at all times.

That’s why we’ve invested in high-security side-door box trailers that provide an extra layer of protection and convenience for our valued clients.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the key features and advantages of our Ekeri side-door box trailers, highlighting why they are an integral part of our commitment to secure and efficient transportation.

The Ekeri Side-Door Box Trailers Advantage

Our Ekeri side-door box trailers have been a valuable addition to our fleet, and for several good reasons:

Superior Security: When it comes to safeguarding your cargo, our Ekeri side-door box trailers are a game-changer. Their design and features are all about ensuring the highest level of security during transit.

Whether your goods require an overnight stay in a service area or are simply on the road, you can trust that the contents are safe and protected.

Versatility of Loading: These trailers offer the flexibility of loading from both the rear and the side, making them ideal for various types of cargo. This added versatility allows for the efficient handling of over-sized freight, making it easier to accommodate different types of shipments.

Convenience and Accessibility: One of the standout features of our Ekeri trailers is the side-door design, which opens fully on both sides.

This makes accessing and unloading cargo a breeze, especially when dealing with larger items. The ease of access and loading/unloading contributes to faster turnaround times, ensuring your goods get to their destination promptly.

Additional Features: Our Ekeri side-door box trailers come equipped with a range of advanced features to enhance security and convenience. These include remote tail lifts and remote central locking, ensuring that the trailers and their contents are protected at all times.

The trailers also feature fully tracked systems and WABCO locking axles for additional safety.

Specialist Tail Lifts: The tail lifts on our Ekeri trailers are no ordinary lifts. They have a spacious working platform of 2.5m x 2.5m, complete with side-safety rails and a substantial uprated lift capacity of 2000kg. This ensures the safe handling of even the heaviest and most cumbersome cargo.

Our Commitment to Quality Equipment

At Hammond Transport, we recognise the significance of investing in top-quality equipment. Our fleet includes Ekeri side-door box trailers as part of our commitment to providing the best possible transportation solutions. We understand that our clients’ cargo is precious, and we spare no effort to ensure its safe and secure delivery.

Our commitment to quality goes beyond our trailers. We take pride in having a fleet that is CLOCS, FORS Gold, FORS Silver, HS2, and Tideway accredited. These prestigious accreditations reflect our dedication to adhering to the highest industry standards for safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

A Partner You Can Trust 24/7

At Hammond Transport, we’re not just a transportation provider; we’re your partners in delivering peace of mind.

We understand that the world of logistics never sleeps, and we’re here to provide you with value, care, and unwavering commitment at all times. Our 24/7 availability ensures that your logistics needs are met whenever you require assistance or have questions.

We’re here to answer your calls and address your inquiries, providing you with the support and solutions you need. Our commitment to your success is unwavering, and we are always available to ensure that your cargo reaches its destination safely and efficiently.

Your Trusted Logistics Partner

In the world of logistics, having a trusted partner by your side can make all the difference. Hammond Transport offers more than just transportation services; we provide peace of mind.

With our Ekeri side-door box trailers and a fleet that adheres to the highest industry standards, we are dedicated to ensuring the safe and secure delivery of your cargo.

Whether you have specialised transportation requirements or simply need a reliable partner to transport your goods, we are here for you. Our commitment to quality equipment, security, and convenience sets us apart as a logistics provider you can trust.

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